Deuce A

Deuce A


The Deuce harness, from the geniuses at Spare Parts, is a perfect harness for people with penises. Who's a good match for this awesome harness?

People living with erectile dysfunction who want to be the giver during intercourse,
Couples looking for a way to experience double penetration without adding a third person,
Trans women who need extra room for their genitals in their harness,
Someone who wants to be able to penetrate their partner with a dildo that's sized differently than the penis they were born with

The Deuce has two holes on the front and a cumfy pocket below designed to hold penis and scrotum. The top hole is designed to hold a dildo, the bottom hole can hold your penis (and provides a cock ring with mild restriction).

The Deuce comes in two sizes, is super comfortable and is machine washable. When you throw it in the washing machine, it's a good idea to put it in a lingerie bag so the straps don't get tangled or pill.

Size A fits people with a 20-50 inch waist. Size B fits people with a 35-65 inch waist.

The Deuce works well with any dildo that has a flared base (all of the dildos we sell have flared bases).

Material: Spandex Polyester

$140.00 IN STOCK




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